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Why thirty bees?

For more than a year ago a group of highly skilled and dedicated developers, all with backgrounds in Prestashop development took a decision to start a new project. They all agreed

on that the path that Prestashop had taken lately would sooner or later lead to disaster. So with the aim to save the open source platform, clean it up from bugs and bad coding, and

enhance it based on the merchant communities wishes they forked Prestashop and went to work.

The team of developers made a statement "thirty bees is a company founded on one basic principle, listen to its users! We believe with enough community input we can shape our

e-commerce platform into the most stable feature-rich Open Source platform in the world."

Now, when this is written in mid-June 2017, the version 1.0.2 is just around the corner. Thousands of bugfixes have been made and a number of native modules have been created.

But the team say they are only in the beginning, but they also say that the platform now is ready to use in a production shop

So what can be said about the enhancements? Remember that the team promised to keep the thirty bees platform backward compatible with Prestashop 1.6 so modules and

themes used on Prestashop also will work on thirty bees.
New native modules


AuthorizeNet | Paypal | Stripe



Mail & Blog & Chat

MailChimp | Bees Blog | Tawk.to


Fixer.io (currency rates from the ECB)


Google Analytics | Piwik

Other Modules

Eu Compliance | Eu Cookie Consent | ImageMagic