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Why Host Thirty
We are small but strong
Host Thirty was created after a long time of talks and discussions with numerous both active and wannabe e-commerce merchants, most of them small. Some full-time merchants, but also many that had the webshop as an extra income. They all had the same wish, to be able to concentrate on what they do best, sell, and not have to worry about the technical side of the shop. As a merchant on the internet since more than 10 years myself, I perfectly understood what they meant.
Host Thirty Ecommerce Hosting
One of the problems was to find a platform that was stable, had the features needed and being financially possible also for small and medium shops. We tested some different. OpenCart, WoCommerce, Prestashop, Magento. Magento was the first one disqualified. It is a very costly platform to use and maintain. The one that seems to have what was necessary was Prestashop, but more and more people leave them because of the many bugs in the system and unwillingness from the developers to fix them. I used Prestashop myself but got more and more frustrated over the many bugs and high priced modules.
Thirty Bees
thirty bees e-commerce that works
Someone told me that a team of highly skilled and devoted developers had worked more than a year on a fork of Prestashop to clean it from the worst bugs. Soon the first version should be ready to release and I joined their forum to keep up to date. The platform was named Thirty Bees. This is how the team behind Thirty Bees want to describe themselves. "thirty bees is a company founded on one basic principle, listen to its users! We believe with enough community input we can shape our e-commerce platform into the most stable feature-rich Open Source platform in the world." We have now tested the released thirty bees 1.0.1 with success. It is stable and it is fast.
Host Europe
Host Europe Group
We have been customers to Host Europe for more than 10 years. Seen the development from a quite local hosting and DSL provider to what it is today, one of Europe's largest premium hosting providers. Along the way, they have won a row of prices, the latest 2016 as the best VPS provider.
The Hive Package
The Hive Package
So we decided that a combination of the thirty bees e-commerce platform hosted on our own servers in Host Europe's high-speed datacenter in the middle of Europe would be the package to offer. From a hosting optimized for the thirty bees platform for the merchant to use, to a turnkey webshop, ready to fill with products. Details about the offer you can read about on the product page. But we can ofc host anything. Almost.....
Our Company
We are small but strong
We are proud to be a small company with close contact with our customers. We don't want to be a huge provider with hundreds of anonymous employees, we want you to be familiar with the one of us who answer your call or email. But being small does not mean that we have no resources. Our cooperation with thirty bees and Host Europe make us very resourceful. What we can't solve in the house, our partners solve for us.
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